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SOS Center
for Youth Capabilities Development

SOS Center for Youth Capabilities Development is a non- profit center founded by a group of activist Yemeni youth in civil society Who has experience in implementing development projects, The SOS Center seeks to empower Yemeni youth and building their capabilities and providing them with basic life skills to face development challenges , Activating their participation and spreading the necessary awareness of the values of civil society based on the basis of justice, equality, freedom, democracy and acceptance of the other , law supremacy . The Center works on many projects and activities in the lowest fortunate areas of development with focusing on the participation of all genders in these activities .

The sectors that we are working on

Emergency & humanitarian intervention




Overall Gaol

Enhancing the contribution of SOS Center for Youth Capabilities Development to meet the developmental needs and respond to it in a methodology way ,the components of the program processes, research, planning, resource development, communication, media, management and financial management combine to bring about wide-ranging and profound changes in line with the objectives of the Center and the needs of partners and the Millennium Development Goals.

our Vision

The Center looks forward to developing young people's abilities and providing them with equal opportunities to activate all of their abilities in excellent and creative way.

our message

We seek to develop the skills of youth (males and females), through capacity building and empowerment economically and politically, and provide them with the skills that promote thinking, creativity and solving Problems, decision-making, gender awareness and effective participation at the local ,regional and international levels

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